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Terms and Conditions

Garden & Grounds Maintenance


1.      Introduction. 2

2.      Bookings and Confirmation. 2

3.      Pricing and Payment. 3

4.      Rescheduling and Cancellation of Appointments. 3

5.      Services. 3

6.      Copyright. 4

7.      Liability. 4



The following conditions state the obligations, rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in this Agreement. The words “you” or “your” appear in reference to the client; “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance Ltd; “providers” and “teams” refer to the subcontractors who complete our gardening services. These Terms and Conditions can be changed, altered or amended subject to prior written notice. Please ensure you have read and understood our cancellation policy, outlined in Clause 4 of these Terms and Conditions.


Bookings and Confirmation 

2.1 You must provide us with a detailed description of your garden, including scale and requirements, at the time of booking. MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance Ltd reserves the right to amend any given quotes and charge for extra work if inaccurate information is given.

2.2 Any incomplete or inaccurate information you provide can result in a cancellation of the job. Alternatively, additional charges may be added to cover the cost of any extra work or services needed.

2.3 Access to your property must be available on the day of your service. This can either be done by providing a set of keys or ensuring someone is at the property.

2.4 You will be allocated a time slot for your service. We are not responsible for lateness due to the following unforeseen circumstances: job delays, bad traffic, unexpected weather conditions, force majeure events or similar.

2.5 Any additional charges may include but are not limited to: an extra charge if your property is located outside a 15-mile radius of Knaresborough. It is important to note that our prices are subject to our company’s Terms and Conditions.

2.6 Should we be required to collect or drop off keys to a property, an additional charge will be added based on the time spent to do so.

Pricing and Payment

3.1 We base our prices and quotes on the information during a quotation visit or pictures/information provided by you. Our company reserve the right to amend price estimations and order confirmations where necessary.

3.2 Prices are based on the minimum charge of the service to be completed.

(a) Minimum hourly rate for any of our services is at least one hour. We calculate prices based on information provided by the client, and we estimate prices using the most accurate methods possible. If your service takes longer than previously expected, the same hourly rates will be applied. If the job is completed sooner than expected, you will be charged for the time taken to complete the job.

(b) Waste will be charged at a minimum of £9.50, excluding VAT per bulk bag generated.


Rescheduling and Cancellation of Appointments

4.1 You will face an additional charge of £40, excluding VAT, should you decide to cancel or reschedule your appointment less than 48 hours prior to the job.

4.2 If you decide to cancel upon the arrival of our teams, you will be charged our minimum service charge; refer to Clause 3.2 (a).


5.1 Adequate lighting and a water tap in the garden must be present to provide professional services.

5.2 MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance Ltd reserve the right to cancel appointments where the well-being or health of our teams comes under threat. We will not be held liable for any fees or charges the client may accrue from third-party companies if our service isn’t carried out.

5.3 We require that you or a representative be present at the end of the provided service, as the completion must be signed off as being satisfactory. If you are not present, the service will be deemed as being accepted by you.

5.4 Every effort will be made to arrive and complete your services on time. If circumstances out of our control affect this, the services will be completed as soon as possible.

5.5 MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance Ltd reserves the right to sub-contract any/all of our services.

5.6 MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance Ltd strives to deal with any problems with the service provided as quickly as possible. Any complaint filed later than seven working days from the date of the service provided will not be dealt with.



6.1 We reserve the right to use any drawings, photographs or plans undertaken by us for any future publications or displays whilst ensuring the anonymity of the respective client.



7.1 MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance Ltd shall bear no liability for any damage to (or cost involved with) any underground hazards, obstructions or services not made known to us in writing or apparent on visual inspection.

7.2 We shall not be liable for any defects arising from the client’s own actions or lack of care, including, without limitation, inadequate watering, deliberate damage, removal or other abuse or damage caused by the client.


         Terms and Conditions     


Landscape Construction 


The agreed final quote represents a written contract for the exact work to be completed at the price quotedScope of quoted work: workThe quote written by MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance for the client represents the client's requests. It is not a builder’s survey and we will not be held liable for any task that is not included in the written quote. Electrical power, water and WC facilitiesThe client will be expected to provide electrical power, running water and toilet facilities where reasonably possible.



Irrespective of any insurance carried by MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance, the customer must inform his or her insurer that building works are to be carried out on the property and satisfy himself or herself that he/she is adequately covered by insurance. Unless expressly agreed, MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance are not liable for the loss of or damage to the works, materials on site or any property of the customer, unless the same is caused by negligence.



All necessary materials can and will be provided by us unless otherwise agreed and will always be of high quality and used appropriately as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Where it is necessary to match existing decor, our work will be carried out, using appropriate materials that provide an exact match where possible. If an exact match will not be achievable, the client will be consulted. MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance is not responsible for the performance or suitability of any materials, parts or products purchased directly by the client and allows MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance to use these at their own risk.


Changes to your quote

Any quote or estimate is subject to revision if there are any changes to the nature or extent of the requested work. This may apply to both labour and materials. However, the quote will not be amended without consultation with the client.


Completion timescales

Estimated completion times are guidelines and although we will endeavour to complete the work in the time frame intimated, we will not be held liable for failure to complete the scheduled works within the estimated time frame. Similarly, it may be that by employing extra resources we can finish a project more quickly than estimated. In this case, the price of the quote will remain the same. Damages and sub-standard workmanship are the responsibility of the client: Assistance can be provided with the repositioning and/or removal of bulky furniture items and white goods but will incur an additional charge. We reserve the right to decline to move white goods if the condition or position of the plumbing may incur a higher-than-normal risk of damage to the equipment or the property. We reserve the right to decline to move particularly heavy or bulky items if they present a higher-than-accepted health and safety risk. Where items cannot be covered or protected, but could easily have been removed, we will request that they be removed beforework commences. We cannot be held liable for damage to such items if they are not removed. In the event of breakage or damage to the property, MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance will notify the client immediately and set out steps to remedy the situation.

Similarly, if at the end of the job, the client is dissatisfied with any aspect of the service, they must inform us as soon as possible. Clients must allow MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance to affect a remedy using our tradespeople and under no circumstances will we be held liable for the costs of reparations by third parties that we have not expressly agreed to in writing. The client must notify us in writing within 24 hours of alleged breakage or damage caused by our employees.


Additional work

We are usually happy to do favours for our clients over and above our quotations however this is expressly done at your own risk and we will not accept any responsibility for any work undertaken that is not written into the quote, including loss or damage to persons or property.


Pre-existing damage

We may take photographs of your property or complete a pre-existing damage form before the start of the project. In the unlikely event that we do damage your property and this is a result of our negligence, you will be covered by our insurance for the full amount. However, claims that we can dispute with photo evidence or written agreement will incur a £50 charge per complaint to cover administration costs.


Payment of quoted and fixed-price work

The client agrees to pay the invoice for work a maximum of 7 days after completion of the project. If the client is unhappy with the standard of workmanship, the correct complaints procedure as shown in these terms and conditions must be followed. All materials purchased for, or on behalf of the client, remain the property of MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance until payment of the final invoice by the client to MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance. In the event of a dispute, the client agrees to allow access to the property to a representative of MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance to retrieve all materials that remain the property of the company. We are happy to provide invoices for businesses and individuals, however, payment is due within the time scales as stated in the Terms and Conditions and the amount, unless amended by MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance, is fixed in the quotation. Therefore, the client is liable for payment, regardless of whether an invoice has been received.


If MR Landscape & Garden Maintenance deems it necessary, the client must make themselves available on the last day of the project for consultation and final sign-off for the project. If the client is unavailable, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the client accepts that the project has been completed to their satisfaction and payment in full is due. Termination of the contract by MR Landscape & Garden MaintenanceMR Landscape & Garden Maintenance will not tolerate aggressive or rude behaviour, racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia or ageism directed towards any of its staff or tradespeople and preserve the right to terminate the project at any time in this event. Neither MR Landscape & GardenMaintenance nor any of its affiliates or agents shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising out of our inability to complete the work specified or by invoking this clause.

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