Maintenance Plans

Plans Include :
  • Garden Bed Weeding. 

  • Light Pruning (Shaping shrubs, Hedging, smaller trees and perennials – Not large hedges or Trees.

  • Cutting and Strimming Lawns.

  • Clean-up of Spent Foliage on Perennials and Bedding Plants, Deadheading Spent Blooms.

  • Dividing and replanting mature perennials if possible.

  • Staking perennials and/or newly planted trees.

  • Leaf Blowing when needed.

  • Half Moon Lawn edges if needed.

  • Training Climbers on Trellises. 

  • Disposing of waste (Green Waste only)

  • Fertilizing Lawns when needed.

  • Hard Surface Weed Spraying.

  • Pruning– Large and/or multiple Shrubs, Large Hedges,  Specimen trees etc.

  • Mulching or Re-mulching. (Cost of Mulch and Labour)

  • Scarifying Lawns.

  • Planting New Plants.

  • Pressure Washing.

  • Lawn Seeding.

  • Re-Turfing.

Frequency Choices:


  • Weekly - (Every week)

  • Fortnight – (every 2 weeks)

  • Monthly – (every 4 weeks)

  • Quarterly – (every 3 months)

  • Annually - (once a year)

Planting Schemes

Planting Options:
  1. Basic 

Includes Bedding planting and topsoil dressing.

  2. Intermediate

Includes more numerous planting & varied combinations of plants/shrubs, topsoil dressing.

Planting Schemes Include:
  • Designing Plans / Layouts to suit your needs e.g. Colours, Area, Plant Size and Themes.

  • Seasonal Planting Schemes and working with Current Layouts.

  • Clearing and Preparing Area needed for planting.

  • Custom Planters with beautiful: Bedding Plants, Perennials, Evergreen, etc.

  • Hanging Basket Installation.

  • Herbaceous Gardens.

  • Planting Spring and Autumn Bulbs.

  3. "Beds with Depth"

Includes more, perennials, Shrubs, Trees and Soil. Includes Planting Spring/Summer and Autumn Bulbs.

Garden Landscaping

Hard Landscaping:
  • Patio, Paving and Block Paving Design / Installation 

  • Garden Walling 

  • Sleeper Bed Installation

  • Lawn Edging With Stone, Wood or Plastic Edging.

  • Gravel Bed Installation​​

Fencing/Gates, Sleepers and Decking:
  • Custom Fencing

  • Pre-Fabricated Fencing

  • Wall Top Fencing

  • Custom Made Gates​

  • Pre-Fabricated Gates​​

  • Decking

Soft Landscaping:
  • Turfing

  • Hedge Installation

  • Pots/Hanging Baskets 

  • Flower Beds

  • Seeding

  • Tree Planting

  • Mulching


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